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The Plant Based Podcast

Apr 30, 2023

Do you have a Love Affair with Peonies? Alec White does! So much so, he left law to dedicate his time to growing, selling and displaying them. More recently his new book 'A Love Affair with Peonies' was released to spread that love. And since @ellenmarygardening loves Peonies so much, it was a perfect match for this...

Apr 23, 2023

In this weeks episode, Saskia runs us through the benefits of flower essences. What are they, how are they made, and how can they improve our mental health?
Ellen and Michael then bring you a gossip live from the People Plants Wellbeing retreat is Norfolk, as Michael relaxes in the alfresco bath!


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Apr 16, 2023

It’s the first of our new style news episodes. We start off with the regular plant based podcast news, and today you’ll hear some hot off the press news from the Royal Horticultural Society, and some good news about weed killer use in towns.

Then, there is a little treat for you all, as Michael chats to hydrangea...

Apr 9, 2023

Geb and Green are a sustainable, peat free houseplant company in the UK. @mrplantgeek and @ellenmarygardening visited the huge greenhouses full of all the houseplants every houseplant lover wants in their collection to find out about growing in peat free compost. 
Also in this weeks episode meet new contributors for...

Apr 2, 2023

In the first news and gossip episode in series 11 of the podcast, @ellenmarygardening and @mrplantgeek chat about what they've been up to plus news topics such as the Let it Grow campaign between Dobbies Garden Centres and BBC Radio 2, lawn mowing, peat use changes and pesticide petitions!

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