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The Plant Based Podcast

Jan 5, 2020

Whilst we’re waiting for series 3 we thought we’d treat you to some extra special plant-based goodness so we have some bumper episodes for you coming up!

In this New Year episode, Michael discusses exciting new plants, speaking to two top breeding companies about projects they’ve worked on together and looking forward to what they’ve got coming up. He also looks at your fantasy plant league suggestions and reviews your New Year gardening resolutions!

Michael chats to Sirekit Mol at Beekenkamp in Holland about grafting new plants, sometimes with crazy results. They explore the Beekenkamp world of Begonias and look at how the Dahlias are on the cusp of changing into something huge for horticulture. Later in the episode, at Danziger in Israel, Michael discovers that the introduction of  the Queen of Hearts Petunia was all down to a keen eye! He also investigates some strong use of Verbena, a surprising new style of Lantana, and brings up the concept of ‘marmite’ plants.


The Plant Based Podcast: