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The Plant Based Podcast

Apr 21, 2019

Houseplants are one of the biggest trends in gardening at the moment - they’re taking over! One place that is certainly true is The Plant Den in Norwich.

In this episode of The Plant Based Podcast, Michael Perry and Ellen Mary meet Roscoe Gibson-Denney a true ambassador for plants. Roscoe, and his partner Michelle, started The Plant Den, as a tiny treasure chest of a shop in Norwich that is the same size as a garden shed but packed to the ceiling with a huge variety of plants. Since recording the podcast, The Plant Den has become so popular they’ve already had to expand premises! People travel from far and wide to visit their shop, and have even been known to queue down the street when he has an unusual delivery arriving. Roscoe chats about the houseplant trend and discusses his favourite varieties.

Good News! The Plant Den can now be found in larger premises on Upper St Giles Street in Norwich.


Visit where Roscoe reveals 5 houseplants you may not have heard of.


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