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The Plant Based Podcast

Mar 10, 2019

“Don’t you miss meat?”

It’s probably the most common question vegans face. But one London restaurant is changing that by incorporating creativity, art and technical culinary skill to replicate the tastes and textures of meat but in plant based dishes!

In this episode, The Plant Based Podcast visits Plates London, a plant-based restaurant in Shoreditch and our bellies were rumbling!

Executive head chef, Kirk Haworth, founded Plates with his sister Keeley to help improve the symptoms he was experiencing after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. His dishes have been refined through Michelin-star techniques, to create taste bud tantalising dishes - all made from plants!

The episode tells you how to play with plants and their flavours to help you avoid processed, convenience food and be more conscious of the food you are putting into your body.

*Warning! For maximum inspiration, listen when hungry!*


Visit for three exclusive (and delicious) plant-based recipes that Kirk has put together for you to make at home. All made entirely from plants!


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