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The Plant Based Podcast

Feb 10, 2019

The Plant Based Podcast meets Paul Kerton, aka Hench Herbivore, a vegan bodybuilder whose muscles are now entirely plant based!

Plant based diets are going to be big in 2019, and Hench Herbivore is the influencer you’ll be seeing a lot more of this year. Paul is a vegan fitness instructor and nutritionist, pumping iron on a whole foods plant based diet. But as a vegan, where does the protein to build muscle come from and the carbohydrates for stamina? Not to mention all of the other vitamins and minerals the human body needs. In this podcast Paul tells us it’s all down to plants and his 100% plant fuelled muscles do a lot of the talking!

Hear Paul’s passion for plant based living, his reasons for being vegan, the plants he incorporates in his diet and how it has benefitted his health.

Have you considered a plant based diet? Do you want to understand the nutritional benefits that plants can provide us? Then The Plant Based Podcast is for you! It’s an emotional and fun chat all about plants and fitness.

**Ellen has fully embraced the Vegan diet since this podcast was recorded!**


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The Plant Based Podcast:




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