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The Plant Based Podcast

Apr 28, 2019

Get fruity!!

Markus Kobelt is a true plant fanatic. He is the founder of Lubera, a company that specialises in the breeding of unique and wonderful fruit plants.

In this special National Gardening Week episode of The Plant Based Podcast, Michael and Ellen chat to Markus about how the only way to truly get the best, brightest colours in fruit is to grow them yourself.

Markus talks about the seedless fruits he has developed, how he is changing the world of apples and the difference between breeding plants for home use vs. commercial.

His passion for finding something different in plants is inspiring, as is his patience and dedication to the fruit plant breeding process which can take over 20 years to see the first results! That’s quite the plantsman!

Learn the most surprising exotic fruits you can grow at home, as well the benefits of GYO and the most space effective plants you can grow at home in containers.

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