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The Plant Based Podcast

Sep 24, 2023

Ever wondered where chocolate actually comes from? A plant of course! Expert chocolatiers Hotel Chocolat have a base in St Lucia where cacao is grown sustainably, with gentle farming in mind. Hear from CEO Emma Peacock all about the brand, the farming process and even a Hotel Chocolat St Lucia experience.
In this first episode for Series 13, @ellenmarygardening and @mr_plantgeek are joined by the @human_gardener Faith Douglas and Sarah Owen-Hughes who fill us in on the Harrogate Flower Show news. 
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LAVA-LITE is chemically inert, zero-harm and does not kill pests. It acts as a natural barrier and deterrent, providing an opportunity for them to simply move on.


All the products can be used anywhere in the home and garden without worry and any predators eating prey that have come in to contact with LAVA-LITE will not be harmed, keeping eco-systems balanced, maintained and sustainable.


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