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The Plant Based Podcast

Oct 6, 2019

RHS gardens are one of the most stunning displays and are a true dream for any horticultrual fan to explore. But just what does it take to look after one? With such variety and high standards expected it’s no mean feat. The star of this episode of The Plant Based Podcast is Peter Goodchild, leader of the Alpine team at RHS Wisley.

Peter talks to Michael and Ellen about his journey from gardener at Legoland to being responsible for a stunning display of Alpines which attracts visitors from far and wide.  He discusses how the diversity of plants at Wisley can change through the year and the complexities that brings for the team in always ensuring there is seasonal interest for guests. He also reveals the secrets behind the scenes, and tells how the team work for three hours a day on the alpines before visitors even arrive to make sure the 7,500 potted plants are at their very best.

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