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The Plant Based Podcast

Jul 26, 2020

Every wondered what a Plant Geek’s plant collection is like?! This episode of The Plant Based Podcast kicks off with Michael showing Ellen around his new home, giving a tour of his extensive houseplant collection. They then interview Greg Bourke, the Curator and Manager of the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden in Australia.

Greg started his working life as an electrician but has worked in horticulture and conservation at the Blue Mountains Botanic Garden for nine years now. Greg explains why the Blue Mountains are blue, and they talk about the incredible variety of plants at the Botanic Garden, including peonies the size of Greg’s head, even in winter. Greg describes what it was like at the garden during the wildfires, when they saw 70 metre flames and they opened the garden as a refuge for local residents.

In part two, Greg tells Ellen and Michael about his lifelong fascination with carnivorous plants and jokes that he loves them more than his family! He has a phenomenal potted collection of over 10,000 plants, 90% of which are carnivorous.

Greg shares his passion for getting kids into conservation through introducing them to edible and carnivorous plants that they find captivating. They round off the episode with Greg’s three easy tips for listeners who want to grow carnivorous plants at home.



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