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The Plant Based Podcast

Aug 30, 2020

Conservation hero of the year, Honorary Doctor of Science, CBE for services to wildlife and nature conservation, host of The Really Wild Show and Spring and Autumnwatch. The very special guest in this episode is, of course, Chris Packham!

Michael and Ellen chat to Chris in his garden, surrounded by birds and butterflies and Chris’s dogs, Sid and Nancy. They discuss biophilia and the importance of the connection between humans and nature as well as in relation to coronavirus and how things need to change in the future.

Chris talks about The Really Wild Show and having animals (including a jaguar) in the studio, describing a chaotic rabbit-related disaster episode. He tells us about some of his most memorable moments on Spring and Autumnwatch, including dreaming birds, climbing adders and other unexpected occurrences.

Chris discusses his extensive charity work and his campaigning to combat harmful wildlife practices as well as raising awareness and taking legal action where needed to encourage wildlife reform.


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