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The Plant Based Podcast

Jul 11, 2021

What first began as a growing mountain of landfill, that could be seen from Matthew Mead’s classroom, has since transformed into a passion to change the construction industry. Matthew Mead, founder and CEO of Hempitecture, sits down with Michael and Ellen - all the way from Sun Valley, Idaho - to discuss how plants have created the next best building materials.

In part one, he talks about how Hempitecture came about and shares some staggering statistics surrounding building material waste, and how this spurred him to make a change. He also talks through Hempitecture’s plant-based alternatives to traditional materials - such as fibre glass – including Hempwool and Hempcrete and the benefits of each. He also urges us to think about the fact that many of the traditional materials we surround ourselves with can’t be touched without having to wear protection. With Hempitecture, however, even the kids can help install it!

In part two, Matthew surprises us by revealing some of the buildings in the UK that were built using both Hempwool and Hempcrete. He also shares how he made his head board out of Hempwool, and also shares some of the funny requests he’s had about what Hempwool can be used to make – a Hempwool blanket anyone?

We’re then joined by the fabulous Daisy Desire, also known on Instagram as @dragqueen_gardener on Instagram as her alter ego Gardener Tom. Joey and Katy also share a delicious recipe for making the most of summer harvests, and Forage and Folkore give us the latest foraging tips!


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