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The Plant Based Podcast

Jun 27, 2021

Lynn Ferguson brings some LA sunshine to the Plant Based Podcast this week as she sits down with Michael and Ellen to chat all things hay bales, chickens and the challenges of growing vegetables in the American climate.

In part one, Lynn - a performer, comedy writer and actress – reflects on the highlights of her career, including her well-known role as Mac in Chicken Run. She also talks about how a spontaneous stand-up comedy gig with her brother landed her a job in LA, where she now lives – attributing her ‘go with the flow’ mentality to all of her success.

In part two, Lynn shares her vegetable growing journey and how hay bale leftovers from a party became an aid for growing her cucumber, rocket, egg plants and more – which came to be from a little advice from none other than Shia LaBeouf! She also reflects on her experiences with gardening during her childhood and shares the lessons she’s learnt since living across the pond. Lynn also shares her tips for saving citrus trees, the struggles she’s faced growing fig and her trick for getting rid of pesky earwigs.

To round things off we’ve got the latest from our very own Donna Hodds from Pretty Little Cactus chatting about houseplants!


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