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The Plant Based Podcast

Feb 6, 2022

Kicking off series 6 of the podcast, this episode is packed full of new and exciting vegetable varieties you will definitely want to grow! Michael and Ellen visit Pro Veg for a tour of the trial gardens and get to taste some along the way. From huge tomatoes to vibrant radish, incredible peas and all shapes and sizes of squash, indulge in the world of vegetable trials. * please note we were out in the field, so sound quality varies. 
Also we are excited to announce our first two new contributors for series 6 - Lorna Ko @Lornasnaps will be giving you the gardening gadget low-down and photographer Caroline Horne has some plant photography tips.
This series is sponsored by Vivara UK suppliers of wildlife accessories, food and plants, helping you to create a biodiverse garden. Find them at:
The Plant Based Podcast: