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The Plant Based Podcast

Apr 17, 2022

We are very excited to bring you this episode, which is an exclusive conversation with Frans Beijk, part of the growing and designing team at Keukenhof, the worlds largest spring bulb garden! 

Mr Plant Geek got the opportunity to ask all the important questions, quite a few of which were suggested by our followers and listeners! He found out how the garden came to be, how it’s actually a living bulb catalogue, and got all the technical detail around the planting and growing!

You’ll soon be planning your own mini Keukenhof in your backyard!

In this episode also hear @cloudgardeneruk with his exciting news about the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and @rootyfuel with a fabulous competition! 
This series is sponsored by Vivara UK suppliers of wildlife accessories, food and plants, helping you to create a biodiverse garden. Find them at: