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The Plant Based Podcast

Apr 24, 2022

We are excited to announce our new sponsors for series 7 - Hillier Garden Centres. In this first episode of the series find out more about Hillier, their history of plant breeding, the process of discovering new plants and the latest in plant trend news.
@ellenmarygardening is left speechless (for a second) and @mrplantgeek is in his true element chatting about breeding new and exciting plants. Afterwards and as you would expect, Ellen and Michael have a gossip about ancestry, trends they don't want to see again and everything else in between. 
Hear from the first of the new contributors for series 7 - @anya_thegarden_fairy with all the plant propagation tips you need and Lucy from @unwrappedandrefill with sustainable tips to lower waste and your bills.
This series is sponsored by Hillier Garden Centres 
The Plant Based Podcast: