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The Plant Based Podcast

Feb 2, 2020

Ever wondered about how you can make a career out of your love of gardening? But have sceptics and people’s comments about how unrealistic a dream it is put you off?! This episode of The Plant Based Podcast delves into career changes in horticultural and looks at the paths available into the green-fingered world.

The options are so varied. It’s not just about being outside tending to plants - you could give talks; utilise your writing and marketing skills; or even put your corporate know-how to use by exploring the business side of horticulture. The possibilities are endless!

Someone who knows this first hand is Wendy Bowen who chats to Michael about her varied career path. Wendy switched from working among the fashion elite in Vogue House to giving in to her green urges and taking a new direction via the allotment and becoming the Commercial Director at the Chelsea Physic Garden.


The Plant Based Podcast: