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The Plant Based Podcast

May 21, 2019

Ever wondered what goes into being an exhibitor at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show?

It’s the most prestigious gardening show in the world and unites plant lovers from every corner but just what goes into producing a Chelsea exhibit?

In this special episode of the Plant Based Podcast recorded at the show, Michael Perry and Ellen Mary meet some of the people behind these show stopping displays, who are true plant experts dedicated to producing the very best plants in the world.

They chat to the fantastic Medwyn Williams from Medwyn’s of Anglesey who returns to Chelsea after a nine year break with his amazingly huge vegetables. This year, to grow the vegetables, Medwyn has been using a new method and has used nutrients from CANNA, the leading brand in plant nutrients.

Then they head across the Great Pavilion to chat to Peter from Thorncroft Clematis, home of the new Clematis Meghan variety which was cultivated to celebrate The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s marriage last May.

And then on to the Hampshire Carnivorous display to meet Matt Soper, who won more than 100 RHS gold medals for his fantastic varieties of carnivorous plants, including Venus Flytraps and Sarrancenias.

If you weren’t able to make it to this year’s show (or even if you were but can’t get enough of all things Chelsea!) then this episode gives you the perfect behind the scenes Chelsea sneak peek!


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