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The Plant Based Podcast

Feb 24, 2019

Plant genetics, boring huh? Not a chance! Emma Howard is as passionate as it gets when it comes to plant genetics and there is nothing boring about it. Did you know some of the most commonly enjoyed plants are actually genetically modified? Would you believe us if we told you that includes Daffodils? It’s true! In this episode of The Plant Based Podcast, Emma takes us on an incredibly awesome journey through plant genetics and the future of plants, it’s all rather mesmerising, especially if you love plants!

Emma will surprise you and break down some seriously awesome plant studies into language we can all understand in a relaxed and cool tone. After listening to this podcast, you may even change your view on genetically modified plants.

This was recorded at Urban Jungle Norfolk where the coffee flows amongst the plants. It’s a vibrant, busy atmosphere so absorb yourself with the clinks of cups and imagine you are sitting in the cafe with us!

Visit for an exclusive article from Emma on 5 plants that are GMO but you didn't know.


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