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The Plant Based Podcast

May 5, 2019

Looking for a way to jazz up your dinner plate? Look no further, plants are here!

This tasty episode of The Plant Based Podcast takes plant-based diets to new levels by exploring the world of edible flowers.

Nurtured in Norfolk is a 4 acre nursery that supplies micro cress, pea shoots, micro herbs and edible flowers to wholesalers and Michelin star restaurants to help add something extra special to their dishes.

As well as being decorative, edible flowers add extra crunch to a salad and introduce new textures and flavours whilst also boosting the nutritional goodness. The real power of plants!

In this episode, Alex Drane talks about the company and how they work with the top chefs to meet the demand for something different by delivering unusual tastes and strong, distinctive flavours that go way beyond the everyday garnish!

You can also learn the best edible flowers to grow at home yourself – there may already be some growing in your garden that you don’t yet know about!

The Plant Based Podcast:






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