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The Plant Based Podcast

Feb 10, 2019

With the rise of urban living and climate change, gardeners have a lot to deal with. But, whatever your garden situation or the weather, Liz Browne from the leafy paradise at Urban Jungle Nursery in Norwich explains there are many options to create your own urban jungle. Small space? No problem! Large garden? There are so many plants to choose from! The jungle theme is a big trend in gardening right now and in this episode of The Plant Based podcast Liz suggests some great plants to grow in your own garden at home and we even chat about houseplants being pets!

Do you want to create a jungle themed patio? Are you wondering if you can plant your Monstera outside? Then The Plant Based Podcast is for you! Listen in to this interesting, educational and great fun podcast with a passionate, knowledgeable plantswomen.

Visit for an exclusive article from Liz on 5 plants to get that urban jungle look.


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