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The Plant Based Podcast

Aug 25, 2019

Join the Plant Based Podcast to explore the world of aquascaping and creating stunning landscapes underwater.

Ray McCune and George Farmer from Scaped Nature in Norwich speak to Michael and Ellen to discuss how creativity needn’t be limited to houseplants and how unusual spaces and scenery can be created within landscaped tanks and aquariums – without needing a snorkel! From moss art to terrariums and complete aquascaping kits, for novices and experts alike, Scaped Nature has it covered!

This episode of The Plant Based Podcast also explores the therapeutic benefits of aquascaping, and the calming effect that water, light and nature can have, as well as recommending the best plants to use to get started.


Visit for an exclusive article to find out Scaped Nature’s top five tips for first-time aquscaping.


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