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The Plant Based Podcast

Jul 28, 2019

We’re back! The Plant Based Podcast is back for series 2 and in this first episode, Michael and Ellen head  to Peter Beales Roses to find out how the perfect rose is selected.

Nursery manager, Ian Limmer, reveals how breeding roses is a numbers game. Did you know that a single rose that you might see on the Peter Beales’ stand at the Chelsea Flower Show has been selected from 50,000 seedlings which have then been whittled down over 10 years to create perfection? Ian reveals that and much more about the world of roses.

He then offers his top tips for growing roses at home and demystifies pruning, feeding and the varieties you can choose from. As well as wider uses for roses, including medicinal purposes, wellbeing and edible creations.

Visit for an exclusive article from Ian on his top tips for looking after roses.


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