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The Plant Based Podcast

Jun 14, 2020

Plants AND food – what could be a better combo?

allplants unites both of these and brings them together in delicious, easy and convenient plant-based meals that can be delivered frozen to your door.

In this mouth-watering episode of The Plant Based Podcast, Michael and Ellen meet Alex Petrides, one of the founders of allplants, and Joey O'Hare, the senior development chef who is responsible for creating all the tasty recipes for allplants’ meals.

In just three years, allplants has grown from two brothers delivering its meals using London buses for transport to having a team of 100 people making 5000 meals a day. It’s a true testament to the popularity of plant based lifestyles and demonstrates that more and more people are recognising the virtues of a vegan diet!

Alex and Joey reveal how allplants meals are so much more than ready meals. Firstly, they are far more nutritious. They are handmade, chef prepared meals that aren’t mass produced and packed with salt. They are created by a team of experts who spend a long time developing the flavours and dishes to make sure they are delicious in their own right, and not just as a vegan alternative.

In the episode, they discuss their favourite meals from the range, their plans for making plant based meals even more convenient in the future, as well as revealing what they think to meat substitutes entering the market.


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