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The Plant Based Podcast

May 30, 2021

With enough tomato trees to cover the length of over 11 football pitches, the team at Sterling Suffolk are putting Suffolk on the map as being a major producer of tomatoes. After experiencing so much success in just a few short years, Michael and Ellen sit down with Horticultural Director, Richard Lewis, to discuss Sterling Suffolk’s approach to tomato growing and so much more!

In part one, Richard shares how the company first began and talks through the growing process of their tomato trees. He also reveals how the company were able to achieve 95% self-sufficiency last year, allowing them to grow flavoursome, British-grown tomatoes, whilst operating as sustainably as possible. Richard also shares how bumble bees help their tomato trees to self-pollinate and reveals the challenges they face in keeping their plants thriving – which involves watering them up to a staggering 75 times a day!

In part two, Richard offers his wisdom and reveals his tips to help you grow tomato trees at home, including the best time to water and feed them, how to tackle blight and even how the shape of your plants can affect their growth. He also shares his dreams of a Sterling Suffolk tomato café and even converts Michael into a tomato lover!

To round things off we’ve got Donna Hodds from Pretty Little Cactus chatting about houseplants!


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