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The Plant Based Podcast

Sep 19, 2021

It’s good to be back! Here’s the first episode of series 5 of the plant based podcast, and in this episode we visit one of the biggest trial grounds in the UK. This is where brand-new plants are selected. We find out about what it takes to be a good garden plant, and get a few sneak peeks into the future of patio plants, thanks to marketing manager Stuart Lowen.


We can’t wait for you to meet our new contributors for series 5.

In this episode it’s Augusts Garden with her colourful and effervescent grow your own and kitchen garden tips. Find out more about the lovely August @augusts_garden on Instagram

Also meet the cutest gardener you might everrrrrr hear from… it’s Teddy known as The One Minute Gardener with his gardening lover Dad… Derek. You can find them @fiveminutegardener on Instagram.

Meet our other contributors in the next episode!

Images of the plants featured can be found on our Instagram account @plant_based_podcast

The Plant Based Podcast: