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The Plant Based Podcast

Jun 28, 2020

Matthew Pottage has perhaps one of the most sought after jobs in horticulture. As the Curator of RHS Wisley he’s responsible for one of the most treasured gardens in the UK.

RHS Wisley is loved by gardeners worldwide and is visited by 1.2 million people each year. The gardens are diverse with different planting and gardening styles at every turn. With a huge plant collection and over 100 years of gardening history, it has something for everyone and there’s something different to see every time to visit. No mean feat for Matthew to be in charge of!

Matthew reveals how hard work and commitment helped him work his way up the Wisley ranks from student to Curator, and he chats about the amazing support and passion within the gardening community that he’s witnessed through the years.

In 240 acres of stunning, ever-changing gardens how can you pick a favourite area? For Matthew its easy. The conifers – a plant that Matthew thinks is misunderstood and gets a bad press. Conifers might not be the conventional favourite but Matthew is a big fanatic and believes every garden should have one.

Listen in to find out why, and to hear his predictions for their revival!


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