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The Plant Based Podcast

Sep 6, 2020

In this episode, Chris Packham describes the informal but deliberate planting scheme in his garden, a haven for wildlife. His garden has no lawn and wildflowers flourish, despite Sid and Nancy’s attempts to destroy the lavender patch!

Chris gives listeners his top tips for attracting pollinators and birds to gardens and lets us into the secret to keeping birds in the garden year-round and setting them up to survive the winter.

Ellen asks Chris whether he is a fellow tree hugger and Chris describes what trees can teach us about how to behave in our time and space. They discuss HS2 and the ways it will impact ancient woodlands and the importance of protecting the ancient woodland we have left.

They talk about diets and how we should consider the foods that we eat and the impact food production has on the environment. Chris speaks about becoming a vegan, for ethical and environmental reasons. They round off the episode with the ultimate question – ‘what is your favourite plant?’.


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