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The Plant Based Podcast

Feb 20, 2022

Michael Gunton is the Creative Director of Factual and The Natural History Unit for BBC Studios. Most recently, Mike was executive producer on Green Planet with Sir David Attenborough. Remember the scene with the rowing boat and the subsequent social media flurry of concern for Sir David in the middle of the Amazon on his own? All was not as it seems! Find out how that scene was filmed, the joy at finding a Fire Lily and so much more all about the epic series about plants.

In this truly fascinating behind the scenes look at Green Planet and the life of a passionate ambassador for BBC Studios internationally, responsible for new and pioneering stories about the natural world for all of you to enjoy.

Plus we gossip with The Tattooed Gardener in Canada about Hemerocalis and garden on TV.

This weeks contributors are the fabulous @rootyfuel with their plant based tips and @cloudgardeneruk with balcony gardening advice. Check them out! 


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